What kind of licence?

In Ontario, there are 14 different kinds of licences. Each one qualifies you to drive a different type of vehicle. The class of licence you have must match the type of vehicle you are driving. You need a Class G licence to drive a car, van or small truck. You must have a Class G licence before you can be licensed to drive any other type of vehicle. The only exception is motorcycles. You may get a motorcycle licence (Class M) without first getting a Class G licence. The Driver’s Licence Classification Chart shows you what class of licence you need to drive different vehicles.

For information on the skills and knowledge you’ll need to get a Class M motorcycle licence, study the Official Motorcycle Handbook.

You can get information on other kinds of licences — classes A, B, C, D, E and F — in the Official Truck Handbook and the Official Bus Handbook. If you want to drive a vehicle equipped with air brakes, the Official Air Brake Handbook tells you how to qualify.

Some recreational vehicles have special licence requirements. If you plan to drive an off-road vehicle or snowmobile, read the Off-Road Vehicles section in the Official Driver’s handbook.

You do not need a licence to ride a bicycle in Ontario.