Vehicle Impoundment

Under Ontario’s Vehicle Impoundment Program, drivers who are caught driving while their license is suspended for a Criminal Code conviction will have the vehicle they are driving impounded for a minimum of 45 days.
Regardless of whether the vehicle is rented, leased or loaned to a friend or family member, the vehicle will be impounded. The vehicle owner will be liable for all towing and impoundment costs.
Be Responsible
Vehicle owners are responsible for taking all reasonable steps to ensure that every person who drives their vehicle has a valid driver’s license. This includes making sure the driver does not have an ignition interlock condition on their license.
To verify a valid driver's license through the Ministry of Transportation:
* Call 1-900-565-6555 ($2.50 per cheque applied to phone bill)
* Access Ministry Online Services ($2.00 per cheque payable by Visa or MasterCard)
* Obtain a driver's abstract at a Driver and Vehicle Issuing Office ($12.00 per abstract) or Service Ontario Kiosk ($13.00 per abstract).