Video / Movie Station

* Two volunteers, including one person to introduce the video, welcome participants, etc.
* Television set & VCR, or other a/v equipment
* Optional: mats for children to sit on and chairs for parents
* At the end, a volunteer should review some of the safety rules learned in the movie
There are a number of appropriate school bus videos which outline school bus safety rules. Make sure that the video being used is age-appropriate. A listing of available resources is provided in the "Resources" section of this guide. A recommended video is "Pooh's Great School Bus Adventure", which is 14 minutes long.
If possible, the video should be shown in a classroom instead of the auditorium to reduce the level of distractions. At the end of the video, cards or stickers are stamped and participants are directed to the next station.
Learning Objectives:
A movie is an entertaining way to introduce school bus safety rules in a nonthreatening, entertaining environment