Stationary Bus Station

* 1 volunteer
* Stationary bus and driver to answer questions
Children and parents are given the opportunity to board a stationary bus and to ask questions of the driver.
This is an opportunity to show and discuss the "danger zones" around the bus. The danger zones can be marked off with red tape or police "caution tape".
In order to prompt interest, the driver should be prepared to talk about elements of school bus driving, including:
* Danger zones
* School bus driver qualifications
* Mandatory circle check (trip inspection)
* Purpose of mirrors
* School bus safety features: reinforced areas, emergency door, warning lights
* demonstrate flashing lights
* School bus safety rules
* School bus procedures: tell parents to make sure they and their children are at the bus stop on time (or a few minutes early). Encourage parents to share responsibility for meeting the bus. Ensure that children have been to the bathroom before leaving home. Advise bus driver if child suffers from motion sickness or is subject to medical conditions such as allergies.
Ask questions of the children and parents as well. Reinforce the idea that the school day begins when the children board the bus.
Parents should also be reminded that children should follow the directions of the bus driver when around the bus.
Learning Objectives:
The stationary bus provides an opportunity for children to become familiar with the bus and the danger zones around the bus, and to assimilate this information. It also encourages parents (and children to ask questions)